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Susie Corley



I will admit, I’ve been searching for my perfect fit for many years. When I look back, I realize my unconventional journey has led me to where I’m supposed to be.

My dad was very loving. He was a wealth of knowledge and full of life lessons. My dad parented with a stern hand. He had pretty strong opinions on how his four daughters were to turn out in life. My idea to skip off to B.C and see where the wind would take me didn’t sit well with him. In my 20s, pleasing my father was more important than figuring out who I was.


Sales found me. A summer job during University I started selling Cutco knives door to door. I realized how easy it was for me. Exceeding every target, I was awarded the top salesperson across southern Ontario.


Discovering I had natural sales ability, upon graduating, I joined the sales team at Xerox. I learned the importance of a client-focused approach. As well as uncovering customer needs and wants, and honed my ability to close the deal. 


I met my husband at Xerox. John's drive and ambition moved us every few years. They were exciting times. It satisfied my need and desire for travel and adventure. I became a pharmaceutical rep while living in Calgary. I traveled all over southern Alberta and into B.C (finally made it!). I loved it out West. We spent 3.5 amazing years there. It is where our first son was born.

Still, something was missing. I needed to feel I was making a difference in the lives of others. I was especially drawn to homeless initiatives and youth. I found YWS (Youth Without Shelter) and incorporated numerous volunteer positions into my life.

Fast forward several years and a few more moves. We moved back to Toronto, Saskatoon, back to Toronto, Rochester, NY, back to Toronto. I did some soul searching. I loved giving advice and thought about becoming a caseworker at a youth shelter. I have girlfriends who say I fixed their marriages in one night that professional counselling wasn’t able to do. I have this innate ability to see both sides of an argument. A natural ability to resolve conflict. It always seems so clear to me.

I decided to go back to school and upgrade my skills to work in not-for-profits. I was living a good life and I needed to feel I was making a meaningful impact on the lives of others. I worked at The United Way Toronto. I managed a growing portfolio and stood up in front of large groups. I was invigorated when inspiring others to give. But commuting and sitting in a windowless cubicle wasn’t for me. 

Another move took us to Connecticut. I found this amazing organization that helped 700 disadvantaged children. These children were given breakfast every morning and groceries for the weekend. I managed 100’s of volunteers to bring it all together. It was very fulfilling and satisfied my need to help at the grassroots level.

In my tool belt, I had the beginnings of a strong sales foundation. Not only did I enjoy it, but I seemed good at it. I could put a marriage back together over several glasses of wine (that had to mean something).  I had experienced more moves than the average person. I had “searching for a home in an unfamiliar city” down to a science. Enthusiasm and energy were driving me to do something bigger. I had to somehow incorporate helping those in need to bring it all together.


Our final move took us back to Toronto. What do I do with all this knowledge I have learned from moving so many times? Relocation services were the initial thought, which led me to get my Real Estate license.

After moving my family over 10 times, I became pretty familiar with it. I experienced firsthand the importance of aligning with the right agent. You're not only selling your house. You're searching for the next place to call home.


Buying and selling real estate can be very emotional and stressful. It doesn’t have to be. My goal is for my clients to feel understood and heard. I work hard to make the process a positive experience.


As a person I am open and honest, there is no room in my life for anything but. I am able to put myself in other peoples’ shoes. Empathizing with my clients helps me absorb stresses that arise along the way. My own experience with moving my family has put me in a unique position. I am able to view the real estate transaction through their eyes because I've lived it.


My journey has come full circle. I can only wish my Dad is looking down, feeling proud of where his wayward third daughter has landed.

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