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Susie Corley



Susie believes a successful real estate salesperson begins with a strong sales background. Her journey began selling Cutco knives door to door during university, where she quickly excelled as the top salesperson in Southern Ontario. Fresh out of university, Susie's passion for sales led her to Xerox. There she learned the importance of a client-focused approach, discovered how to uncover customer needs and wants and refined her ability to close deals effectively. 


Her experience at Xerox resulted in eight relocations throughout North America. Switching gears to grassroots initiatives, Susie transitioned for a period of time to the nonprofit sector. Following several relocations and diverse experiences, Susie realized her wealth of knowledge could benefit others in real estate. With a real estate license, she leverages personal experiences, a sales foundation, and a genuine commitment to helping others. Her firsthand experience with relocating her family allows her to empathize with clients, enhancing her guidance through real estate transactions.


Susie's genuine approach, coupled with her honed ability to close a deal, stems from her extensive sales background and firsthand industry experience. Emphasizing openness and honesty, Susie easily builds trust in the real estate business. She recognizes how emotional buying and selling can be and stresses the importance of aligning with the right agent, aiming for a positive and stress-free real estate journey.


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