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Minimalistic Photography of a Roof

I personally had one particularly difficult move, struggling with a toddler possessed by the Tasmanian Devil, and an infant fighting a series of back-to-back ear infections while simultaneously trying to switch over to a US drivers license and other documentations that involved multiple days of lineups. My frustration level with the whole process became so high that I just gave up on the licence, resulting in isolation and loneliness. It was the only relocation that I can say was a mistake for our family and looking back, I can see where we went wrong. The move wasn’t unsuccessful due to the age, temperament or illnesses of my children, but rather, from letting distraction and exhaustion rush us into purchasing a house that didn’t fit our family. The disconnect to our community made me feel alone and our family struggled to gain an equilibrium the whole time we were there.


That experience has stayed with me and now shapes how I approach real estate. My husband’s employer took care of the physical logistics during our eight moves; we used a relocation company that was fantastic and always connected us with a top local real estate agent. But, even with excellent professional assistance, there were so many little things that piled up and felt like a mountain to climb. I found that there was a gap in support for things like finding schools for the kids, registering for their sports programs, navigating government offices for driver’s licences and health cards, setting up internet and TV services, understanding the transit system, and perhaps foremost, figuring out where to meet other moms.


When I moved back to Toronto for the final time, I realized I wanted to help people fill in those gaps that I struggled with. After becoming a real estate agent, my goal became to help my clients navigate all the complexities that come with relocation and to ensure that they make the right decisions about where to settle their family. Having experienced it many times, I am painfully aware of how overwhelmed and alone one can feel during and after a move and I strive to provide the support you need to settle into your new home, not just sell you a house.

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